Celebrate Latino-owned During Hispanic Heritage Month

Title Celebrate Latino-owned During Hispanic Heritage Month with image of books and a podcast that is being recommended.

Celebrating Latino and Hispanic Heritage Month

What is the best way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month starts from September 15 to October 15. And what better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than by supporting Hispanic and Latino-owned businesses! 

As I started reflecting on which Hispanic and Latino-owned businesses I recently supported, I have four highly recommended businesses to share. 

From staying hydrated with clean ingredients with electrolyte sticks to learning how to invest your money smartly, listening to a mindful podcast, or finding the best bilingual books to read to your children, continue reading! 

Celebrate Latino-owned During Hispanic Heritage Month

Taste Salud

Salud was cofounded by Josh Leyva, a successful Mexican-American influencer. A line of flavored powder electrolytes in an individual stick to elevate your water intake. 

This brand is unique because the flavored packs are inspired by traditional Mexican aguas frescas such as Horchata, Jamaica, and Tamarindo. My current favorites are the Horchata and Pineapple flavors. 

As a Nutritionist, adding electrolytes to my water is essential to staying hydrated when water alone is insufficient. I like that each serving of Salud has one gram of sugar, equivalent to one teaspoon less than the average sugary drink. 

The Salud Hydration+Immunity line has Elderberry extract. This berry is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, promoting a healthy immune system. 

To try Salud's variety of flavors or explore their Energy + Focus or Calm + Sleep lines, click here

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Wealth Warrior: 8 Steps for Communities of Color to Conquer the Stock Market

I am reading Wealth Warrior: 8 Steps for Communities of Color to Conquer the Stock Market by Linda Garcia. Linda, a proud Latina, is a financial educator and founder of the investing community in Luz We Trust. 

Initially, I was nervous to read this book because of my intimidation of investing in the stock market. Still, the book's title drew my curiosity and has since changed my perspective.

As I learned about Linda's story of how she overcame debt and how she explained the stock market in its simplest form. I felt empowered to look at my money differently and confident to invest in the stock market. 

She gives many valuable tips in her book for building a healthy relationship with money and using it to our advantage, such as opening a high-yield savings account or having an individual retirement account. 

To purchase Wealth Warrior: 8 Steps for Communities of Color to Conquer the Stock Market, click here

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The Dulce Candy Podcast

My latest favorite podcast is The Dulce Candy Podcast by Dulce Candy Ruiz. Dulce, an Iraq war veteran, is a well-known YouTube beauty influencer, mother, author, and a recently certified Chopra Meditation Teacher. 

I have long followed Dulce Candy since her beginning days as one of the original beauty YouTubers. She is an inspiring Latina who is an excellent example of balancing motherhood and being a successful woman in this modern time.

In 2021, Dulce Candy ended her beauty YouTube channel to start her new YouTube channel, Sweet Soul. A brand dedicated to self-love, mindfulness, community, and expressing your highest self.

You can find her new YouTube channel by clicking here.

When I found out she came out with a podcast, I was excited to hear about her soul-centered topics.

My favorite episode from Season One is titled Why a Manifestation Journal is Your Secret Weapon to Achieving Your Dream!, where Dulce Candy Ruiz shares her favorite journal prompts to manifest your dreams. 

And now I find myself applying her journal prompts to wanting to do it daily as I balance mommy life. 
To check out The Dulce Candy Podcast as she gets ready to start Season two, click here.

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Lil’ Libros

My last pick is the bilingual children’s books by Lil’ Libros. A book brand created by Patty Rodriguez, Mexican-American radio personality and social media influencer, alongside CEO and co-author Ariana Stein. 

The creation of Lil’ Libros came about as a form to celebrate Latino-American cultural diversity in bilingual literature - English and Spanish. The books range for children 0-10 years of age.

I have been blessed to have been gifted Lil’ Libros for my daughter by family and friends. And it's fantastic to see that our local public library has a collection of Lil’ Libros for families to check out. 

I love that I can teach my daughter through Lil Libros about our culture and the important Latinos who made history. My daughter’s current favorite books are Mi Ofrenda and Selena.

If you or somebody you know has a little one and would like to purchase Lil Libros, click here

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Final Thoughts

Hispanic and Latino Heritage is celebrated for a month. But if you ask me, the Hispanic and Latino culture has so much beauty, from art to music, that it should be celebrated year-round. Supporting a Latino-owned business is the best way to show gratitude and help a Latino-owned business thrive. 

Celebrate Latino-owned During Hispanic Heritage Month

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