Tushbaby Hip Carrier a Parent’s Lifesaver

Tushbaby hip carrier review with image of a mom holding her daughter in a black Tushbaby hip carrier in a greenery court yard.

Are your arms and back aching after holding your little one for long periods?

Mine were too, especially during the late nights when the only way to soothe my baby to sleep was to hold her in my arms.

At the time, I was gifted a sling carrier but couldn’t wear it since the weather was too hot and my daughter and I would sweat easily. 

And when I did try to wear it after looking up online tutorials, I was still not confident I was getting much support for my baby from the sling.

I had the same issue a couple times with two other baby carriers until I found the Tushbaby hip carrier online and decided to give it a try. 

The Tushbaby hip carrier has solved my problem of aches and strain which were direct results of me holding my daughter for longer periods. 

The Tushbaby hip carrier was created by Tammy Rant, and is essentially an innovative fanny pack for parents to hold their babies. 

It is described as an ergonomic hipseat that distributes your child’s weight taking the stress off your arms, shoulders, and back. 

The Tushbaby hip carrier has become popular on different platforms since appearing on Shark Tank to going viral on TikTok.

But it is not just for babies. The Tushbaby hip carrier can also hold toddlers up to 3 years of age or children with a weight max of 45 pounds. 

It comes with different compartments to conveniently pack your everyday essentials that can ultimately replace your diaper bag. 

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Here are 3 key points to wearing a Tushbaby hip carrier comfortably. 

  • Wrap the velcro belt high above your waist
  • Slide the strap under the elastic loop, snap and lock the buckle
  • Keep one arm around your child at all times 

If you have a newborn the Tushbaby can support your baby while breastfeeding or bottle feeding. 

As your baby grows and develops neck support you can carry your baby face-to-face, side-facing, and front-facing.

My daughter and I prefer the side-facing. 

My first purchase was the Tushbaby Lite in color Charcoal for its slimmer profile with fewer pockets than the original Tushbaby.

Using the Tushbaby Lite has been convenient to wear when I need to be in and out of a store with my daughter by my side. 

I like to stash my keys, wallet, and phone in the large built-in pocket.

At home, I like to wear the Tushbaby hip carrier when I need to sweep or vacuum because my daughter finds it entertaining when I hold her as I’m cleaning around the house. 

I have used the Tushbaby hip carrier on family outings to the zoo, a pumpkin patch, and Christmas festivities where I was able to move around the crowds with ease.

I recently purchased a second Tushbaby hip carrier so I could keep one at home and another in my car. 

For the second Tushbaby hip carrier, I picked the original Tushbaby in Vegan Leather Black. I feel like you can’t go wrong with black since it can match any outfit. 

I thought the original Tushbaby would have a slightly bigger seat compared to the Tushbaby Lite, but they are about the same size. 

The difference I found between the two is the original Tushbaby offers 5 storage pockets with a 6-inch waistband in height compared to Tushbaby Lite which has 3 storage pockets and a 4-inch waistband.

I like that I am supporting a women-owned business that has created a problem-solving modernized fanny pack for parents which weighs less than one pound and is simple to put on. 

The seat has a memory foam lining with an anti-slip fabric patch for your baby to be safe and comfortable.

As your baby grows, you’re able to adapt to the use of the Tushbaby with its 4 carrying positions.

What I like most is that my daughter and I can stay cool and comfortable.

I can get chores done around the house when my daughter wants to be held at the same time. 

It is convenient to use during outings, especially in large crowds where a stroller is harder to maneuver. 

I like that the Tushbaby has storage to replace your diaper bag needs. 

But for my preference, I rather carry a small backpack for my daughter’s changing diaper essentials since I like to carry a large pack of wet wipes which would not fit in the large compartment of the Tushbaby.

I prefer to use the storage in the Tushbaby just to carry my personal items like keys, wallet, and phone. 

The Tushbaby hip carrier is not advertised to be hands-free, you always need to hold your baby or toddler with one arm at all times. 

But great news! If you want to be hands-free while carrying your baby, the Tushbaby just released a new add-on feature called the Snug that attaches to your Tushbaby hip carrier. 

The Snug is sold separately and recommended for infants weighing 12 pounds or more. 

Since I have a toddler who likes to hop on and hop off the Tushbaby carrier as she wishes, I am okay without the Snug. 

Depending on the activity of the day, I do sometimes rely on my stroller if I need to be hands-free. 

My stroller comes in handy when my daughter falls asleep. She can just lay on her back. I, also, double my stroller as a changing table when I need to change her diaper in a place that doesn’t offer a baby changing table.

The Tushbaby carrier comes in different beautiful styles and colors but the price is not the same for all. 

So, depending on your style, you might end up paying a bit more for the love of fashion. 

But one thing you will get regardless of the color, is a Tushbaby carrier made with high-quality materials built to last.  

The Tushbaby hip carrier is versatile, meaning dad, grandma, and caregiver can benefit from wearing it too. 

It is supported by pediatricians and chiropractors. 

And you will enjoy holding your little one more each time they want to be in your arms.

If you would like to purchase the Tushbaby hip carrier or gift it to a friend click here.

I have a Tushbaby discount code for you — Use code MARIELA22 to save 15% on your favorite tushbaby, tushbaby lite, & other products on tushbaby.com! Click here.

Tushbaby Hip Carrier a Parent’s Lifesaver

Who owns Tushbaby?

Tushbaby is owned by Tammy Rant and Sara Azadi whose business motto is to make parent’s lives easier. 

Tammy Rant is an entrepreneur and mother who wanted to create a baby carrier that would be easier to hold her daughters. After creating the Tushbaby hip carrier, it became instantly popular among parents.

Sara Azadi, an expert in marketing and advertising, became instantly passionate about sharing how the Tushaby hip carrier can solve parents' problems. 

Is the Tushbaby worth it?

Yes, the Tushbaby is worth it. I feel it is fairly priced compared to different baby carriers on the market. Made with high-quality materials. And Tushbaby gives you a one-year warranty.

How long can I use Tushbaby?

The Tushbaby hip carrier can be used for children up to 3 years of age or a weight max of 45 pounds. 

Let me know in the comment section.

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  • Amy says:

    Love the idea of this! My hips and back are killing me from carrying my 18 month old around. Great that you can adapt it as baby grows as well. Great article! x

    • Mari says:

      My daughter is currently 20 months. And I feel the difference if I don't use the Tushbaby. At our last outing to a local farm, I spotted a dad and two moms wearing the Tushbaby too 🙂

  • Selene says:

    I've seen this all over TikTok and it is nice to see that it's not just clickbait! Glad this product exists 😀

    • Mari says:

      When I first saw someone wearing the Tushbaby, it was a dad holding her daughter when I was still pregnant going to my prenatal appointment. I thought that is a weird looking gadget. But now that I am a mom, I get it 🙂

  • Sandi Mueller says:

    This is wonderful. I have wanted to get one of these for my daughter as my grandson is getting bigger every day. Now I know it'll be a great addition for her.

    • Mari says:

      Your daughter will thank you 🙂 They come in a variety colors and styles to pick from. My toddler is now 20 months old and I can tell the difference when I am not wearing the Tushbaby.

  • Diane says:

    I’ve seen these everywhere and always wonder just how sturdy they actually are. What a great gadget for mamas!

    • Mari says:

      Really is a great gadget for mamas 🙂

  • Kim says:

    I think my back and arms will be thanking you for this!

    • Mari says:

      The Tushbaby hip carrier has made motherhood easier for me. And it will for you too. 🙂