A Guide on How to Find Mom Friends

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Are you looking for tips on how to find mom friends as a new parent?

I was too!

I found my mom's friends when my daughter was about ten months old, and it has been the best circle of mom friends I've had.

Seeing our children grow up together has been the best part, from watching them take their first steps to celebrating their first birthdays.

Finding a mom group can be intimidating initially, not knowing where to start.

So, I have my top four places to find mom friends. #2 is where I found my mom's tribe.

If you need help with starting conversations with a new mom, I will list some suggestions at the end. 

1.Baby/Toddler Storytime

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Storytime can be found at your local public library; times can vary based on location. 

Each storytime is unique. If you can, try going to different libraries in your area.

From my experience, storytime lasts 30 minutes. Some librarians pass out instruments and scarves to sing between stories, and others use puppets to engage the children.

Try getting to the library a few minutes before storytime or staying after. Some librarians will even pass out toys for free play at the end, giving you time to connect with other moms.

As you continue to attend storytime, you will start to see familiar faces and be more open to starting conversations with other moms, or vice versa.

Storytimes at the library tend to be on weekdays.

But if you are looking for Storytime on the weekends, a good friend recently recommended that I take my daughter to Barnes & Noble.

According to their Storytime schedule when searching in San Diego, it is offered on Saturdays.

To verify the schedule for Storytime at your Barnes & Noble, click here.

If you live close to a children's museum, consider checking out their Storytime schedule; the one we live close by offers Storytime during the week and weekends too. 

2.Mommy and Me Classes

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As much as I enjoy going to Storytime, I feel enrolling in a mommy and me class helps with building quicker bonds with other moms since you are certain you will be seeing them every week.

A mommy and me group class can be a baby-wearing dance class, swim class, or yoga class, to name a few, where you will be bonding with your baby or toddler along with other moms.

I met my mom's friends at a baby-wearing dance class I found online.

On the first day of class, you could tell everyone was nervous, including myself, but excited to be there.

As each class went by, we all started getting comfortable with one another and opening up about the joys and challenges of being a mother.

That bond we built in class led to exchanging numbers and forming a group chat for playdates and outings.

If you live in San Diego and want to check out the baby-wearing dance class that my daughter and I enjoyed, led by Julia, check out her upcoming classes by clicking here

3.Social Media

If you have a Facebook account, there are many mommy meet-up groups you can join by searching "mommy and me" + the city you live in.

Some mom groups meet at parks, go on stroller walks, or simply have playdates.

If you do not have Facebook, Meetup is another free site where you can search for mommy playdates, and you will find moms' groups meeting at parks and other local spots around your city. 

4.Mom Apps

There is an app called Peanut designed for women to meet and find support. 

When you create your profile it will ask at what stage in life you are in from the following: 

  • trying to conceive
  • Mama-to-be
  • Mama
  • Menopause

To meet moms on the app, there is an option to filter by language, interests, work-life, goals, hometown, and more.

Then you swipe up to send a wave or swipe down for later. Once there is a mutual wave at each other, a connection is formed.

There are also groups that you can join to chat about topics about parenting, gardening, and more.

I am currently using the free version, but there is also a paid upgrade feature. 

To meet moms near you or be part of the Peanut community, click here.

What to say when you meet a mom

Now that you've picked a place to meet other mamas, what do you say?

The common question I get asked is, “How old is your child?” I usually feel silly answering back because I have become that mom who tells you in months.

And the conversation usually ends up being a problem-solving question.

But I made myself a promise to stop saying my toddler's age in months until she turns 2. For now, each month is a new milestone that I keep track of in months.

So instead of asking for their child's age, I offer a compliment.

Be genuine and praise something you admire or like about the mom or her child. 

Here are some examples that you can use: 

  • I love your [item like bag, sweater, etc.] May I ask where did you get it? I'm always on the lookout for good recommendations.
  • I couldn't help but notice your [item like child's outfit, child’s hair accessories, etc.] It's so cute! May I ask where did you get it? 
  • Your parenting style is so inspiring. Do you have any favorite parenting books or resources?

Compliments make us feel good in both giving and receiving them. And it’s a great way to open a conversation with a mom you just met.

Final Thoughts

So next time you find yourself at a playground, library, or mommy and me class, remember the conversation starters from above. 

Offer a genuine compliment, share a laugh, and who knows, you might just find your new mom friend. 

Once you have a mom friend, nurture your relationship. Check on her often and schedule playdates. 

As a new mom myself, having mom friends is so special because you can connect with them on a deeper level on the struggles and joys of motherhood. 

You got this! Your new mama bestie is out there, eager to meet you.

A Guide on How to Find Mom Friends

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  • Cassie says:

    Making mom friends just makes outing with your little ones so much more fun! Great tips on how to meet mom’s friends and conversation starters.

    • Mari says:

      I'm glad you liked my tips 🙂